The quality of the air in houses and businesses must be a number one priority, to guarantee pleasant temperatures, also, to be sure that the air we are breathing is pure and not harmful for human health. Learn about our systems here.

BSS Water

We count with the best purification systems for your home or business. Take care of our health shouldn’t be a choice but an obligation. Learn about our products and services here.

BSS Financial

Count with us to make your dream of providing the best quality of life to your family true, without fearing financial limitations. BSS Financial wants to give you a hand for you to become your family’s hero.

BSS Tecnology

We provide to our customers professional and technical services, using the highest quality standards and high-end technology, in order to provide solutions granting the best benefit-cost ratio.


BSS Solutions wants to generate reliance in our customers, proving them our corporate integrity. To comply with the company objectives, we work as a team.


We are different because this is a family business where we understand the needs from homes and businesses. That is why our top priority is the integral attention of all our customers in every single lines of business.


Our products Will guarantee to the customers the highest quality for their investment. We count with the best suppliers to have the best quality assurance.


Serving the community through the years, we managed to earn the trust from families and businesses, to be us who attend their calling. Our excellent service makes a difference in the industry.