Mini Split and Multi Split Conditioning

Mini Split and Multi Split Conditioning

Mini Spilt Conditioning Air has to units: interior and exterior.

The interior unit is the one that goes inside the room that needs to be conditioned. There are many types of interior units and models and the difference relies in the way they are installed, besides the technology that they use.

When the interior unit is installed in the high end of a wall, its known as “Mini Split High Wall”, and the one installed in the room’s ceiling or in the wall, that could be lay on the floor, is known as “Mini Split Floor Ceiling”.

It is also the exterior unit or the condensing unit, that is the Mini Split part that is placed outside.

The main features of the Mini Split Conditioning Air are the following:

Efficiency on working, cooling, space and versatility.

Easy installation.

Effective refrigerant use (R-410A).

Different operation voltages according to needs (110V – 220V).

Type of control

Sleep Mode

Automatic mode for turning on and off

Grating movement

Different speeds for the fan

“Energy Saver” Mode


Inverter (Energy Saving)


The Multi Split Inverter allows to use up to 5 interior units of different capacity with a single exterior unit, which reduces installation space and costs, it’s also very appealing for vertical developments and apartments, where installation space for condenser units is limited.