“A house is not a home,” it is popularly said, and it is the title of a very beautiful song. However, it is clear that we human beings need homes to protect ourselves from harmful changes in the environment, because we are exposed to extreme cold, rain or the dangers of prolonged exposure to sunlight in the open. spaces It is clear that since our ancestors, far back in history, took refuge in caves, until we learned to make huts and then constructions in stone, wood and materials such as current aggregates and synthetics, the concept of housing has changed throughout time and, with it, has had a complex evolution. Being in a dry place and sheltered from the outside is something really important for people, but is this place necessarily comfortable and cozy?

The humidity in houses and buildings generally deteriorates furniture and fixtures, but, mainly, it deteriorates health. When germs and fungi appear, for example, the matter becomes a serious problem since allergies and infections can harm our organisms. Likewise, the cold generates the sensation of humidity in clothing and sheets, making their use a real problem. Heat also damages electronic devices and many of the objects we currently need for living and producing.

So we do not only need the house as a refuge from external weather conditions, but it is also necessary to make it have an interior temperature that is ideal for our health and comfort, facilitating the stay and coexistence in it and leading that house to being a true and cozy home. With this in mind, Bsssolutions offers the knowledge, the experience and the best air conditioning and heating equipment, with the highest quality, affordable prices and maximum efficiency in costs and performance. For more information, we will be happy to receive your inquiries and provide you with orientation, prices and personalization of our services at Call us, and make your home a true paradise.

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